In No One We Trust, 2013

Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
June 30-July 1, 2013

In No One We Trust, a performance in collaboration with Olga Koumoundouros'  Dream Home Resource Center at the Hammer Museum. Koumoundouros' project addressed the immateriality of real estate transactions and the shift from home as emblem of the American dream to house as commodity.

The performance involved the artist posing as a mortgage fraud expert at a help desk in the Hammer Museum's Lobby Gallery, surreptitiously embedding a legal contract into the second and third pages of the Hammer's requiredwaiver of liability triplicate form. The performance consisted of all persuasive means employed by the artist to convince unsuspecting museum visitors to sign the triplicate waiver form, thereby executing the underlying legal contract printed on carbon copy paper. The contract legally obligated each visitor to pay the artist $5000.00, and to become Hammer contributors at the Patron level. The performance sought to illustrate the top three schemes of mortgage fraud perpetrators- the Bait & Switch, the Fee-Before-Service, and the Misdirect.

in no one we trust